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About us

Meet The Founders and Visionaries

With over 30 years of expertise in technology, operations and team building, Charles is the driving force leading Cygenex towards success. He’s widely respected for his ability to draw out the best in his team members.
As Chief Strategist, James focuses on vision and growth of our key verticals: large payer groups, health professionals and consumers. James maintains a full time medical practice.
The consummate educator, Steve is driven by a love for science and making education accessible to all. He also has a knack for photography and research, and formerly worked as a functional health practitioner.

Next Level Leadership

The consummate sales and marketing professional with an inner science geek, Tina brings the creative solutions to the team that drives success and accountability.
With a doctorate in Cyber Security, Heath is the superstar on the Cygenex team that keeps data secure so information is kept private.
Cameron is passionate about building business relationships, backed by the power of genetics! He’s also an avid swimmer and scientist.

Support Staff (Superstars)